Cars are machines, depending on the car you own it is going to be equipped with its own unique electrical system to ensure the car functions properly.
Despite every car having its very own electrical system all have one thing in common, which are electrical relays that help with power transfer.

A/C relays in are in charge of supplying power to the A/C compressor.

If your relay goes bad and it can’t do its job you better make sure your windows can roll all the way down because you will be without A/C until you replace the relay.
It’s normal for relays to burn out or wear over time, so don’t feel bad if that’s what happened. What is important are the signs that your car exhibits once the relays need replacing.

Below is a list of indicators that your relay needs replacing.

  1. If you’re A/C is cooling inconsistently then this could be one of the very first signs that your relay is beginning to fail. A glitch such as this is more likely to be noticeable during the summer time when you’re in desperate need of cold air and you’re A/C is turning off and on at random.
  2. In worst case scenarios your A/C will blow no cold air at all because the A/C compressor has not received the signal to start. There are many reasons cold air is not pushed out through your vents, yes. But if you went through all of the other mechanisms to ensure cold air and still get no results you may need to replace your relay.
*It is important to note, some cars have an audible “click” when you turn on your A/C, if this is missing then you should check your relays by a professional.
*Sometimes your cars A/C light will turn on alerting you of a defect within the system, while this may not have to do directly with the relay it is always worth it to have it checked out.

A/C compressor relays work much the same way as any other type of electrical relay and there can be shocking damages if they are not replaced correctly.

destroyed battery

Bad relays can cause damage to other parts of the car which can be expensive to fix

If you are experience any of the mentioned problems, contact a certified technician to have your car diagnosed.

You can also learn more about A/C relays by checking out our video below:

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